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Bowdyno® at its first performance at a trade show!

It was a great chance to present our new bow test bench - the Bowdyno® at the international bow- and knifemanufacturers trade show in Eisenbach im Hochschwarzwald in Germany last weekend.

Many archers and general public admired the technology and the system which offers revolutionary opportunities to analyse a bow-arrow system.
We are very glad about the encouragement and the general interest on our developed equipment to measure bows. For the first time we built up our bow test bench outdoors. Protected by a tent it braved the heavy rain in Eisenbach. Many questions of interested archers could be answered. Probably the Bowdyno - system will be established as the ultimate benchmark concerning any statements in the field of archery. There were a lot of wow-factors because it was the first time such an equipment was presented to the public.

For instance people were really surprised about the fact that a bow with 28" draw, braced with 45 pounds, delivers a feed rate of 110 pounds in the moment of the shoot. Beside the test procedure of the brothers Koltze (heavy weight arrow vs. light weight arrow), the AMO - and the IBO - test procedure, the Bowdyno® delivers all information about energy efficiency, speed and hand shock just with one shot of an arrow.

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