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Bowdyno® serviceable!

Compound test - we passed the supreme test!

We were really busy to optimize our system related to usability. Meanwhile our test bench Bowdyno® is ready to publish all collected data in the internet on www.bowdyno.com. We also managed the testing of compound-bows. We were really surprised after analysing the first test results. Especially the shooting curve as well as the analysis of the vibration sensors are important to point out. You´ll find three examples of a Bowdyno® analysis in the category Measured. The Bowdyno® is ideal to tune compound-bows regarding speed, draw length and draw weight. Bowdyno® is also a good tool sorting groups of arrows. Consequently the application range is extended to all kinds of bow systems with any materials.

Thanks a lot to our fans and friends of archery, who are anxious since month. We get sarted soon. Prices and bargains will be finalized.

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