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Bowdyno® - Private

Bowdyndo® for archers

"Bowdyno® private" means - this bow was tested by a Bowdyno®, the data will be provided to the owner.

Certainly Bowdyno® keeps in mind the many archers worldwide. Even for ambitious hobby-archers as well as for competitors the information of their arrow-bow system can be very useful.  Why is my arrow flying straightly but falling down abruptly at the end of the flight? Why is my arrow fast in fact, but stripping a branch he flies anywhere? Those and many other questions can be analyised with the Bowdyno®. The private archer has the opportunity to test his arrow-bow system either in-house or at a distribution partner. This bow obtains the level "Bowdyno® private" which can be affixed on the bow in kind of a sticker. The  tested data are visible online on www.bowdyno.com with an assigned login. Furthermore the custumor gets a print with the most important data.
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