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Bowdyno® - Engineered

Bowdyno® for bow manufacturers and archery shops

Bowdyno® engineered means - this bow was developed, built and tested by means of a Bowdyno®.
The certification level "engineered" is the highest level in which a bow manufacturer or archery shop can take part on this system. Every "engineered partner" comes with his own, standardized Bowdyno®. So it is possible to test bows either of the own production or custumor bows. Bowdyno® provides all collected data online automatically. The manufacturer is in charge of what kind of data he would show to the public. This can be managed comfortably with a login on www.bowdyno.com. Of course the manufacturer is allowed to use the data in his own communication. A direct link to the measuring data on www.bowdyno.com is also a good opportunity. The manufacturer is authorized to place a "Bowdyno® engineered"-sign on such a tested bow. Private bows cannot be published but with the login from the "engineered partner" the data can be shown.
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