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Bowdyno® - Process

Measuring process

In principle the Bowdyno® measuring process ist very ordinary. A scale collects the weight of the arrow. A load-cell measures the draw-force gradient during draw and shot. In addition the speed of the arrow is determined by a special chronograph. By integral calculus of the two force gradients - draw and shot, the speed would also be known without measuring. Just one test-shot is required to determine how much energy the bow has stored, how much the bow can translate to this special arrow and how high is the energy loss of the bow-arrow system. Furthermore the system determines the hand shock, which occurs during the shot.  Apart from the interesting characteristic values Bowdyno® is able to determine the ideal arrow for a specific bow. Important characteristics are the spine and the weight of the arrow as well as the weight of the tip. For manufacturer of bows as well as for archers who want to have a good knowledge of their bow-arrow system, this machine affords revolutionary opportunities.